What you need to have in a car for long trips.

Once again it is worth recalling that before the road it is necessary to make a complete vehicle maintenance. Staff at the station should check the status of the chassis, adjust the tire pressure, check the level of all process fluids. In addition, in a long journey you must always a spare tire, jack, tools, instructions for this vehicle model.

trips long

You should have traffic rules, maps of the area where you want to go. GPS-navigator will help in the way, and, best of all, it is desirable to plan a route using a variety of online services.
Check the trunk for the presence of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, blankets, disposable tableware and towels, a knife, gasoline cans, cans with water.

The long journey devices that work from the cigarette lighter – thermoses, chargers, coffee maker, kettle will become indispensable helpers.

If the trip takes place in another country, it is desirable to have a phrase book and guide emergency services.