Vehicles with right-hand drive.

Pros of these vehicles:

  • Low price.
  • Best technical equipment. The Japanese automotive industry is renowned for its high adaptability and constant updating of nodes in the cars, the improvement of various systems and mechanisms.
  • Increased safety. It is worth paying attention to the fact that right-hand drive cars traditionally win in all crash tests, they maximize protect its owner, even in the most severe accident.
  • Beauty and style. Of course, to buy and sell the “right-handed” car people want because of its “appearance”. Beautiful sleek, stylish build, neat interior, pleasant different things – this technique can’t arouse admiration, even if it is a long life.

Vehicles with right-hand driveMinuses:

  • Changing of the driving style, if you’ve went to “Standard”. However, synchronization of action by right and left hand in the new positions will be adjusted in a week, so this downside can be attributed very indirectly.
  • Poor visibility. In the “right-handed” cars it is difficult to look into the oncoming lane to overtake safely and quickly.
  • The need to change the lamps. Yes, in “RHD” Japanese cars you should replace lights on the European version.