2016 Ford Ranger XLT 4×4

How does the kid from tape Hudson supported for me today has a 2016 Ford ranger XLT double cab us the 4 wheel drive model to say what’s a quick walk around this vehicle just solve so the fates is and the vehicle condition does and in case you else across it you are unable to confuse vehicle this’s sorta give you the peace of mind .

2016 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4Of being here. So the fake tree Sujan cello wheels really good condition became so civilized markings on the tall just hear some Tawes and pretty much. Them and quite closely and you can listen to the put it should lift on them but I’m not gonna be so you have to worry about getting replacing him sign. For a long campaign the Rio sliding windows with dullness behind us you could have one as a. And nothing really jumped out of a job then I would have way we’re looking at. Got running boards Longbottom listening so take a. They the middle the top speak really just but well check. Crime and said so all around. Streaming US intelligence of this is a really well looked off vehicle inside and out Java passenger inside kidney bags for foster sci fi writing. Pack coming from the 3.too early to come relativity’s engine.

Travels to a 6 speed automatic transmission. And we have the ability to go to the rear wheels all 4 wheels. Earn just lost became of their lives. 230. 12. Judges and you want. Very lost handy that feature IBM’s charge let tells finds anything. Anything you need. Victor Taiba says registry and have tons of CO Anything having to worry about fattening the canopy. Tough decline on the inside. Welcome because that vehicle this. Vision camera risk senses. Let’s jump on and off site stuck vehicle. Did the reps doing well. Mister Melick controlled gonna cruise control demo Mara hand here. It’s here. It’s also just in the scrying. Screen. Well yeah voice activation fondly tastes.

The discredited so the cluster customizable seeking intro that side and that side. Climate it’s time and fun oboes into the system really awesome fluid needs years. Reversing camera. Order controls climate controls can be controlled down here on the screen in those 2 sections. To 12 volts to use space down there and auxiliary. Billy did send the trucks will troll off. Factory to flock horsing control and subtle flaw for drive thru to harmful hime full I. 6 we do it with sports and school. Do not his type tickets go on out and buy a full fledged come via this vehicle in person.