Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Brake Pads

Our guys I’m looking at my brake pads because I’m touching she’s pads and rotors a few months ago and lately I’ve been getting a squeak when applying the brakes and these are Wagner brake pads thermal quiet I think. Ceramic and one thing and that is just the right off the bat for nothing. Tire is. See the backing plate on the brake pad came undone. And now it’s a reading on their voter you can see that. Right there I know it’s hard seat Tennessee that is cutting into it. So I’m not sure if that’s when it’s weakens coming from I don’t think so I think these are just. Not so good quality brake pads.

Wagner ThermoQuiet Ceramic Brake PadsThey said low copper on I’m so. It’s a new formulas barely copper. It’s the planet now. And a nice normally I use aki bono does seem to really never have a real problem talking about no one the other side area was the same story with the backing plate. Same story falling off anyway was taking out the brake pad and real gentle with it and out of nowhere. The home of the pad fell off. But when a little piece but I like it even touch it right there. You know the patents come out on this drug working out really easily ways to please.

Here’s the piece that this fella routes turned them in deftly say that these new Wagner pads http://fuutamedia.com. Her garbage I think Wagner pads have gone down the toilet in recent days so gonna stick to hockey bono on this truck. Something to be buying now Wagner pads. Any time soon. There’s that hunk miss that fell off at their. It’s like there’s a. Hello crack age. At the end of a piece maybe that fell off. Neither only been on here 2 or 3 months so they’re not even that old but I was already getting you know some noise. The pads being garbage.